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Fallout 5 is the upcoming version of award winning Fallout game series. The game will be post-apocalyptic role-playing and will be the 5th major installment in the Fallout series. The entire Fallout series has been set in the 22nd and the 23rd centuries but in different location.

If we talk about latest Fallout series then the number of dialogues used is minimal and there is a new engine which support new features. The series is an atompunk retro-futuristic series based on an post-war culture. An artwork of places destroyed by war giving an enhanced eerie apocalyptic feel in a newer location as expected. The series has been inspired by the 1950s post-war culture of America.

Fallout 5

After the worldwide success of Fallout 4, all gamers and Fallout fans are desperately waiting for Fallout 5 release. There are all sorts of media rumours hinting towards the next fallout sequel after the last fallout 4 which took the gaming world by storm.

Here we will update the site with all news and update of new Fallout 5 game. You can use the below link to jump/navigate to the specific portion if you are looking for:

Will there be Fallout 5?

Though Bethesda hasn’t comment anything of the Fallout 5 but here we will try to answer the question: Will there be Fallout 5? or not.

As we know Fallout 4 was an instant hit upon its release and earned a lot of positive reviews apart from international award nominations and the game also won Game of the year award. After seeing such an amazing response one can fairly assume that Bethesda is not going to end this amazing series here and the fallout 5 will be out some time in future.

If Fallout 5 comes then we can expect it to be a truly next-gen game in terms of power and processing. It will feature best graphics and one should be prepared to find some unique characters. Lots of Fallout 5 wishlist has already been shared in different gaming forums, youtube and social media. There is obviously a high degree of expectation from the next game.

Fallout 5 Release Date Prediction

Fallout 4 release had added loads of laurels accredited to Bethesda. There were innumerable positive reviews and also high-profile award nominations with even game of the year award victory. This has however added only fuel to Bethesda’s zest to bring on a widely enjoyable Fallout series.

Fallout 5 release date

Not resting on its currently-earned success, Bethesda has already started the pre-production of the Fallout 5 series. Though, there has been no official declaration in this regard,  Ryan Alosio, the voice actor of Deacon from fallout 4 suggested that something underway in the Bethesda house during an interview to fan page fallout_temple. Although it was slip of tongue that was later attempted to be covered, “Internally there is movement gearing up for the pre-production of Fallout 5 ….(shhh), obviously I can’t get into any details at all right now but it will be a very interesting journey moving forward.”

Title Release Date
Fallout 1997
Fallout 2 1998
Fallout 3 2008
Fallout New Vegas 2010
Fallout 4 2015
Fallout 5 2020?

The new game in the series, Fallout 5 is expected to be release around 2020. This we predict after analysing the past Fallout game in the series. It normally takes 2-5 years to release a new version of Fallout. So we expect new Fallout game to come sometime between 2018 – 2020. You can read more about Fallout 5 release date here.

Fallout 5 Features Wishlist:

Here we are sharing Fallout 5 wishlist from fallout fans. The below wishlist will be regularly updated with more features in future when fans will share more wishlist:

Fallout 5 features wishlist

New AI and Mode:

An advanced AI that helps us to hunt out our enemies and defeat them with new thrilling tactics is a popular demand for the the 5th game of the Fallout. Even if you are running high into the risk of running directly into the enemy fire, you can still defend yourself easily. The new mode of the game New Vegas is bound to keep players hooked to the game for long. Newer features of recreation and relaxation like eating, taking a nap and have a refreshing retreat would be unusual but highly welcome!

Different Protagonists or multiple protagonists survival:

Unlike previous games where the lone survivor is the male protagonist, it would be better to have a two survivors, with the other being the female counterpart. The teaming up of the two and waging a returning battle of survival would be more interesting.

Newer costume options

The same outfits lurking from ages in the previous series should be replaced by something more funky and prone to customization. Users should be able to choose more colorful potions that could be incorporated with ultra-tech features, an alarm or a sensor device, for example.

Diverse and improved Vehicle options

Although there were nice cars scattered all over the wasteland. However, newer and more customization features can be upgraded to the cars. There may be certain extinct or nuclear-modified creature that may be used as tamed vehicles and pets at the same time. this seems so much interesting!

More Creative Actions

Building up your faction or a house would be a nice option. This would provide additional area of work and a totally new way of playing a Fallout. Creativity is the most deficient feature in Fallout till now. With destructive action all around, building up a storehouse for your assets, collected booty, weapons, and a place to shelter your companions would do great!

Different Location, Different Views

A newer location possibly out of the current one is desperately being sought after. How about an apocalyptic scenario in China or Japan. New York would also be a better option. This would provide a great scope of interesting dialogues and add a lot of spice and new direction to the game.

Newer Weapons

An upgraded  laser rifle that gives more accurate performance which features an advanced AP than other guns. the weapon should be able to get used along side the VATS. A lase rifle is would certainly make the features more interesting and meaningful for winning the game. the Deliverer that is being used is a fine weapon but anyhow an upgradation for accurate shots would be a welcome feature. Additionally, Grognak’s Axe and Power Fist that are already featuring can be wonderfully modified to provide over the distance hair-raising fighting.

Using Customized Voice

The bringing back of Skills Systems and use of a customized voice for the characters would make the game sound more interesting. People are wanting to hear their characters to sound differently as per their choice. Even a multiplayer game mode would certainly be a most welcome enhancement though it takes Bethesda games from the current unique Fallout feature.Letting the main character live with companions would also be a nice option. And a lead female character is also direly needed.

Here you can find more Fallout 5 features wishlist.

Fallout 5 Location:

Here we are sharing some suitable location ideas for Fallout 5. You can share your location ideas that you would love to see in Fallout 5 in comments at the end of this article:


The city has the potential to create an entirely different scenario for a fallout 5. The situation would also synchronize with the high-tension political scenario between the two countries. An entirely  different side of the story would be brought to the forth that would make the game much more interesting. The players can take the role of Chinese players invading American locations or An American soldier invading Beijing. The invasion of China can be done over Alaska where aiming to invade over the natural oil deposits of America had been done by China. There would be interesting places in China to be explored like The Great Wall of china, The Forbidden City and of course The Temple of Heaven.

New York City

The city of New York is one of the most sought-after preferred location for Fallout 5.The classic landmarks of the city include the Empire State Building in Manhattan, The Chrysler Building, Rockefeller Center, Times Square. Situations like swimming over to Statue of Liberty wearing a nuclear-radiation proof suit that could work for a fixed duration could feature as nice challenges.


The outer parts of Seattle have plenty of interesting locations like Pugent Sound and Olympic National Park where players can take on new tasks that are thrilling. Fir example players can aim to reach the peak of Mount Olympus  which is the highest point of the city but also a potential volcano.


This is the city of Brotherly Love that would infuse each player with a feeling of patriotism.The city is deeply steeped in the history of American Independence. In fallout 5, the storyline could feature Liberty Bell, Christ Church, Philadelphia Zoo, Eastern State Penitentiary and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Even the Delaware River runs along Philadelphia. Read more suitable location for Fallout 5.

So to all Fallout fans, we would also like to hear your suggestions on Fallout 5. Kindly leave your valuable comments in the below comment box and share your features wishlist and location that you look forward to see in Fallout 5.

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14 thoughts on “Fallout 5 Release Date, Features, Trailer, Gameplay And News

  1. I loved your features wishlists. Recently i had played Fallout 4 and really enjoy this game. But after played this game i think there should be a great need to update this game that of this game can be made more popular and liked by its fans. Here is my wishlist for this game those i want in Fallout 5
    1. I would love to see a turn based game in addition to the inevitable Fallout 5 that will be the true sequel to 4.
    2. More Dukov.
    3. Make Special play a much larger role in how you progress through the story.
    4. Ability to play as a ghoul, with dialogue from NPC’s to reflect that (kinda like choosing one of the animal races in ES).
    5. Less settlements, but more unique settlements. Not just a bunch of farms with crappy half destroyed houses that I can’t remove without mods.
    6. More unique dogmeat that changes based on how you play and act within the world. Sortof like Fable 2, but a step up. Also, have it age as you play, starting with a puppy.
    7. I want the leveling system that Fallout:New Vegas used. I feel that it was superior to Fallout 4’s system.

  2. 1.Entire world geography ( remembering most of it destroyed / anihilated) would be awesome
    2. creating own faction with possibility to participate with one of the existing factions or join one of the players faction
    3.more to the story: player could have a choice of more aggressive mode with massive battles or more dialogs/ relationship/ diplomacy . I personally much prefer minimum of shooting and love Fallout story.
    4.Love the idea suggested above to make a settlement in a city of choice after it got the cleared from villains and developing and protecting it.
    5. Chornobyl as one of many locations
    6.optional Ability to own a vehicle :car, jet, supersonic something. Transportation choices for settlers: hyperloop, bike etc

  3. Please, please, please, don’t ruin the game in the same way that Skyrim was ruined by Elder Scrolls Online. The munchkins have plenty of games that allow them to tramp around in hordes and “cooperate” — leave the lone wander alone!
    As for locale, the association of the origins of Caesar with Arizona in New Vegas led me to suspect that the next “western” game would be located in Arizona/New Mexico/Mexico. Area 51, old Air Force aircraft boneyards in the deserts, drug cartels, abandoned missile silos, vigilante militia groups.

  4. I loved all the ideas above… i specally liked the idea of being able to keep expanding a settlement to take over the wasteland and having to defend so it is not retaken. More gun mods ansd armor mods…..maybe clothing mods. Having a group of settlers become a army to attack strongholds would be great.

  5. London or Paris as locations , resource based system where, for example, metal gets recycled or valuable minerals get dug up.

  6. 1. Character customization- Body modification needs to be addressed. You had a very easy weight slider in Skyrim and seemed to focus primarily on the face customization in Fallout 4. At this time more gamers want to be able to customize every aspect of the character in order to immerse themselves into the game.
    2. Settlement building- I found it tedious and repetitious to build numerous settlements. I would have preferred to build one large settlement such as “Sanctuary” with no building/space restrictions. Also, better management system of settlers. Not enough options to assign settlers. I would have liked to see travelers in these settlements that are trading.
    3. Quest/story line- A more linear story line. The factions initially were great until you realized you lose out on quests automatically by choosing which faction to side with which is also no choice. At some point you’re required to choose a faction. The factions should be just part of your end goal/quest with numerous quests for each faction as you progress through the game. Side quests should not be repetitious it seemed like the only side quests in the game were rescuing settlers, Find some random tech, or clearing out an area. You were constantly sent to the same area to do so. Also, the “Dead Settler” that sends you on a quest was an extremely frustrating glitch. Follower quests were decent but in addition each follower should have some attachment to the end goal/quest meaning you have to use them in some way to achieve your ultimate goal. For example, “Dead Money” DLC you needed each follower to achieve the goal of breaking into the casino.
    3. More realistic weapons- The basic weapons that seem to reoccur in the Fallout world are great but some additions/variations would be better. How about being able to turn the scope on or off. Also bring back visible/holstered weapons and allow a player to set the weapons that are visible and the be able to assign them for quick draw.
    4. Random gear/loot- Some random gear options so if you’re lucky even a low level character can find decent stuff once in awhile. Take off the level requirements to buy or find said gear. I agree with specific locations having certain items and that should stay that way. In “New Vegas” there was a lock pick skill requirement of 100 to get the Gobi rifle. That was worth it because it was a unique weapon but a better balance for finding these items should be available as the “Rat-slayer” variant rifle was on the floor of a cave.
    5.Clothing- Less faction based clothing. More pieced together options for customizing. especially the raiders who are scavenging murderers at best. Being able to layer clothing and armor, various color options, and less complete articles of clothing. In other words being able to mix and match top and bottom to further customize the look of the character.

  7. I really loved playing Fallout 4 but as many have said there are a few improvements/ modifications that I personally would like to see.
    #1. I like the idea of having a online or co op feature (but not solely online though).
    #2. The limitations on what you were able to scrap or build in a settlement are annoying: like at the Murkwater Construction site with the run down shack, the forklift, and being able to scrap skeletons/ dead bodies (a gory idea but a useful idea nonetheless).
    #3. I would love to be able to retake a city or a town that has been overrun by hostiles and be able to rebuild it. Which would also have the chance to be taken back by any hostiles if not properly defended.
    #4 I couldn’t have been happier when I found out it was possibly to upgrade my snazzy tuxedo so I could walk around the Commonwealth shooting Raiders left and right. But even that has its own limit. I would love it even more if it was possible to have more options to upgrade. More importantly, it would be a huge improvement if you were able to dye pieces of your armor/ clothing.
    #5 I like the idea of having the next Fallout in New York. Another possibility would be to have the entire United States in the game (a little ambitious I know, but I guy can dream).

  8. Interesting idea of explore All planet will be good CO-op will great for fun , morre building options off Base and have morre survivals people with you like company and when I build base I must sometime defend it. Wheater in game like rain,snow,sunny

  9. I think it would be great to be able to explore the entire planet. Why not get to travel and see it all. I think if going to make a game make it big, Have Co op and single player, Add as many custom equipment and clothes and weapons as possible. It would be nice to be able to build a settlement using all the things from fallout 4 and more. It would be great to have people assigned to jobs and you can go do a missions and they are working on it back at the settlement. really being able to drive on land and water and even air planes and being able to build your own air, boats and cars.If there old machines be able to use or repair and use them.

    • That would be the biggest game ever. I don’t think that would be reasonable. That would take a decade if not more time.

  10. If not multiplayer co-player would be great

  11. My idea is new engine for developing settlements. By providing basics to the settlement size of your settlement increases. Building up strong defenses, providing food, water, trading posts, and happines gives more space for the settlement to grow. By that you can take control and rebuild big parts of wasteland step by step.
    Also good idea would be that players themself could choose a spot for settlement. Wandering through fallout 4 many times I was thinking that it would be great to choose my own spots for settlements.

  12. Location: Vancouver, Canada would be awesome. So many landmarks. Too much of the franchise has been located in the east. How about the Pacific Northwest for a change. Not only that, but you have the additional interest in seeing what the “annexation of Canada” did to change the dynamic. Did Canadians welcome the US coming in to take over or did they resent it? There is a huge Asian population there (mostly in Richmond, just across the straight from the city), so how did that affect things? The Brotherhood should have a strong presence there because it’s closer to their home base than DC, Las Vegas or Boston.
    Optional factions and companionship instead of mandatory: Look, I’m not saying that it needs to be left completely out, but having a companion or belonging to a group isn’t everyone’s gaming style. I’m a sniper. Sneak up to the high ground, carefully line-up the shot and take the enemy down with a well-placed bullet to the brain. Hide in the shadows until the fuss dies down and go for the next target. Never take damage because they never see me. That whole “run and protect the guy through Parson’s Institute” drove me nuts. I never do the main quest because I’m an explorer. Find everything, make everything, sell everything. So, this faction and companion thing doesn’t work for me. Many others I’ve talked to say the same thing. It was why they feel that New Vegas was the worst Fallout so far. Enough already. Let’s make joining factions or co-op or companions OPTIONAL, which is fair to every style of player.

    Settlement building improvements: If you’re going to continue on with this, great… but let us have ALL the toys, not just a few. Let us assign a settler to pick up a pickaxe or a jackhammer and take out that errant bit of rock/cement/concrete/wall/whatever that’s preventing us from using all of the area alloted. Example One: Coastal Cottage was a disaster site. Couldn’t take out the trees, couldn’t fill in the hole, can’t build on a grade, can’t take out the remnants of the house…. I mean, come on. Example Two: Vault 88 was frustrating because I could see slanted hallways in the pre-finished piece when you first come in, but we don’t get to use it down the passageways connecting the different caverns? Seriously? All we need is the same model pieces that the programmers get to play with to fix the issue.

    Perk and stat building items (books/magazines/bobbleheads) never in quest-only locations: This is a big one for me since I don’t play the quests for a long time, if ever. Never done the Railroad because I’ve heard it’s very glitchy. This means certain magazines are forever out of my reach. I quit the main quest when the Brotherhood starting being dropped into everywhere I was and it got tedious, so some of the bobbleheads and magazines are out of reach. Wrong way to go. No problem with putting them in tough to find spots. The tougher, the better! But NOT where you must be on a quest to get it. Not fair at all.

    That about covers it. Fantastic franchise and Fallout 4 was truly awesome. For perfection, though… fix all the glitches, put all the bobbleheads/magazines where anyone can get them without being on a quest, and give us all the tools we need to make it unforgettable. Thanks.

  13. For Fallout 5 game my wishlist is Below. I hope Bethesda include this features in next fallout.
    1. Co-op
    This is the Most require features in next fallout. Because being alone in the game is no fun experience, but with buddy lots of fun and team work.
    2. Renewed setting
    Simple enhancements and a renewed setting is made to the Fallout previous version.
    3. Change Locations
    Every fallout game has taken place in the United States, But it’s time for us to go somewhere new.

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