Fallout 5 Features, Release Date, News And Rumours Round-Up

The amazing Fallout Game series are soon expected to come up with their latest update Fallout 5. This award winning game series will release its 5th major installment sometime in the coming year.

The new Fallout series will hopefully have a new engine and minimum dialogues with new fun features.After the worldwide success of Fallout 4, all gamers and Fallout fans are desperately waiting for Fallout 5 release. The Fallout 4 series which took the gaming world in a storm made sure that a sequel is in progress and rumours are doing rounds about its release and features.

Fallout 5


Though there has not been any official statement regarding this by Bethesda but a sequel is must expected. We all are very well acquainted with the fact that Fallout 4 was an instant hit upon its release and was critically acclaimed by the audience and won various  international award nominations and the most coveted Game of the year award.

After seeing such an amazing response one can fairly assume that Bethesda is not going to end this amazing series here and the fallout 5 will be out some time in future.

So what we expect form Fallout 5 is it to be a next-gen game in terms of power and processing. The audience should be ready for some amazing fun and unique characters along with some new graphics. People are discussing a lot about its features and mode in various forums on youtube and other social media platforms. There is a lot of expectations from the next game.


Bethesda has already started the pre-production of the Fallout 5 series. Though, there has been no official declaration in this regard,  Ryan Alosio, the voice actor of Deacon from fallout 4 made some vague comments in that regard that was assumed to be a slip of tongue and later efforts were made to cover it up but it revealed much. The actor commented, “Internally there is movement gearing up for the pre-production of Fallout 5 ….(shhh), obviously I can’t get into any details at all right now but it will be a very interesting journey moving forward.”

The new game in the series, Fallout 5 release is expected to be around 2020. Analyses of the previous release dates made us to draw the conclusion that Usually the developers are taking 3 to 5 years between a release. So we expect new Fallout game to come sometime between 2018 – 2020.

Fallout 5 Features Wishlist:

A popular demand for the the 5th game of the Fallout is an advanced AI that helps us to hunt out our enemies and defeat them with new thrilling tactic.  This will allow you to defend yourself easily even if you are running high into the risk of running directly into the enemy fire. Also some new features like eating, taking a nap and have a refreshing retreat would be added into the game which will be highly welcomed

The previous game had only one survivor as the only male protagonist, it would be better to have two survivors, with the other being the female counterpart.the duo would make the game more interesting and watch to play.

The old costumes surely needs to be replaced by some funky outfits that are prone to further customization. Users should be able to choose more colorful options that could be incorporated with features like ultra-tech features, an alarm or a sensor device.

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