Fallout 5 Fan Features Wishlist: Most Wanted Features

The Fallout 4 is massively being enjoyed by most of the audience but many of the viewers have a genuine wishlist. Frequent discussions of Nerd Fans have brought fore the many speculations that the new Fallout 5 might be carrying. Though fans know it is very early to make speculations and give a wishlist but we are nevertheless not hesitant to do this. The Fallout 5 could be the best game if only little fixes and simple enhancements and a renewed setting is made to the Fallout 4 version.

Fallout 5 features wishlist

Fallout 5 Fan Features Wishlist

1. Multiplayer Option:

Though Fallout 4 has been kind of the game of the year but it certainly lacked a co-op. Fallout 4 nicely handled the idea of being stranded in a wasteland and we enjoyed this to a lot of extent. But the need of the hour is newer plots which involve some kind of co-op. A co-op which creates the need to team up with a friend to fight against perpetual mutant invaders. Making some constructive work come up by having an entire settlement with a clan of friends clubbed together, making raids on other groups of survivors with accumulated loot are just two small ideas that would provide a wonderful new plot to play in. Making a grouped raid on unsuspecting enemy is another way of adding adventure element to the fun in the game. Conducting raids is the strategy best seen in the MMORPG Games.

Bethesda is direly required to fit a Co-op now into the next version and not keep on mulling with the idea to do so, as gamers already have been saturated with of options of playing as single players as in Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Dragon Age Inquisition.

2. An Unusual Type of Travel Option:

The Bethesda has done remarkably good job by incorporating a fast travelling system in a vast wasteland. Also one can find cars and car-like objects scattered in the Massachusetts that are unbelievably cool, but since, this a wasteland formed after an apocalypse, it would be hearty to find some kind of hardy, extinct or mutant species of rare animals that could serve as a favorite personal friend and vehicle. Moreover, roaming around in the wasteland and visiting hitherto unexplored picturesque areas for new loots would be another interesting thing to do.

3. Customizing The Apparel:

The vault dweller of the wasteland even when decked with the best gear just gives an ordinary look and nothing of the sort that could make him outstanding until and unless you manage to find and bedeck him with flashy colored dress that is scattered in the wasteland. If players are allowed to dye the apparel in the color of their choice through some option, the constant need to focus on the gear in order to look cool in the game would not be required. One can buy the dyes at the cost of some bottle caps. This should be more important in case of multiplayer or Fall-out co-op.

4. Major Graphics Upgrade:

A major graphics overhaul is needed in the next version of the Fallout. It should be noted that the same kind of graphics are found in Fallout 4 as there were in Fallout 3. And Fallout 3 has been designed way back in 2008. There has been so much advancement in the technological features since then in the new Xbox Ones and PS4s. But we hardly find anything new that the eyes can feast on in Fallout. In fact, Bethesda is totally been turning its neck away from making any graphical design changes.The Eyes of characters look glazed and lifeless as they looked nearly a decade ago and the color filter present gives a brownish-gray hue.

5. A Diehard, Survival Action Trigger:

Most appealing feature in the post-apocalyptic games is equipping yourself to survive in a world where there still are potential foes out there to kill you. Making new weapons, creating armors and a protective fortress to fight back is important. Nevertheless, actual enemies that have the goal of not only loot your stuff but also to kill you can add another level to the franchise. And making the survival level bit more staunch by the way of imparting ‘permadeath’ features can add an incredible streak of adventurism which in turn will make the game much more interesting. Some of games like Dayz, H1Z1 are already so popular due to such features.

6. A Newer Setting:

All of the fallout experiences have been set to happen in the United States, mostly the Massachusetts, areas surrounding the Mojave desert. But everyone wants to see a new location for the apocalypse now. And China, Japan, Britain, Spain and India are the preferred countries for we really need to go outside of USA now. Exploring with the interesting features of other cultures and breaking a nutshell would be so much more refreshing!

All these features would set the Fallout AI as class apart in the next version and let it survive as the best for much more time. However, if it continues with the same old features, chances are it would become as dormant as the Assassin’s Creed with the same game being served repetitively.

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