Fallout 5 Locations: Best 6 Locations To Look At

After the big success of Fallout 4 and a speculation that Fallout 5 is in development, there is a lot of talks going about which location will it be based on. Here we present the most likely locations that Fallout 5 may be based on.

Fallout 5 Location

Fallout 5 Location To Look At:

Fallout 5 In New York:

This city has to be among the top most preferred locations for fallout 5. The city is brimming with activity and has a lot of attractive venues where the game can take place. Watching New York as it was in the 20th century would be a delight. The famous landmarks of Manhattan will provide a perfect location for the epic adventure saga. Some of the places that can be featured would be the Rockefeller Centre, the Chrysler Building, Times Square and the Empire State Building. One of the most adored feature of the Fallout series is the explosions and watching an explosion happen in this city of skyscrapers would be really interesting. It would be interesting to see the characters’ swim over to the Statue of Liberty or keep a supply of Rad-X ready in case there is a plan to visit Ellis Island. There could be an element of surprise related to crossing the George Washington Bridge and entering New Jersey as the place is polluted with nuclear waste, radiations and gases. Overall, this place would simply be a perfect fit for the upcoming Fallout sequel.

Fallout 5 In China:

The capital city of China can very easily add a whole different and exciting kind of world inside Fallout 5. There could be war between US and China as the countries are not in the best of terms with each other. China could be shown attacking US for oil as they are running short of resources. The various exotic locations of China could be shown as a perfect setting for a post-apocalyptic environment. Its ancient roots and old looking places will give a very medieval look to Fallout 5.

Fallout 5 In San Francisco:

The city full of landmarks would act as another apt location for Fallout 5. Lombard Street, Coit Tower and Candlestick Park are all picturesque locations that will have an amazing scene presence. The players could be shown to hitch a ride on a cable car as long as the cable car is free of mutants. It could be shown that San Francisco is facing major earthquakes as the earth’s crust in the region have become unstable because of the nuclear explosions. Also gold deposits could be shown to be unearthed while removing the debris

Fallout 5 In Seattle:

The 1962 world fair that took place in Seattle could be somehow integrated into the plot of the game and characters could evolve from there. There could be a space needle that landed there during the fair and the other characters present during that time in Seattle are the only known witnesses to it.

Fallout 5 In Philadelphia:

This city could provide the quaint and quiet environment which may turn out to be the hometown of some characters and their upbringing could be shown in the schools and playgrounds based in Philadelphia. Also The Philadelphia Eagles could be shown to a part of all this

Fallout 5 In New Orleans:

The 2 war museums in New Orleans and its tradition of having a party and celebration environment 24*7 could add a lot of colour and historical significance in the upcoming sequel.

So friends tell us in comments where do you want next Fallout should be?

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