Fallout 5 PS4, Xbox One And PC Features Wishlist

As far as Fallout 5 Wishlist is considered, it seems fans are really looking in for something that could be constructed for themselves in a wasteland rather than just hunting and roaming around in it. Here is new Fallout 5 features wishlist for PS4, Xbox One and PC platform.

Fallout 5 PC PS4 Features Wishlist

Fallout 5 PS4, Xbox One And PC Features Wishlist:

Constructive Actions:

Making a house like in the DLC or Skyrim may lead to loss of uniqueness in the game but the same time it can give an extra-dimension of play. The shelter can be a simple hut that can later be changed to a little mansion where the companions could possibly stay. Also, pets that can additionally serve as special companions and do some special works can also be placed in such a small settlement. The fencing of the home can be parametered to keep it safe from raiders. It may also be used to grow crops and raise useful materials from pets and some fans also feel it would be a great idea to have avail some hired BigHorners who could take care of produce. Also the house can be used to display and store some kind of special artillery. The idea is fans are looking for a feature to do something constructive.

Choices of Outfits In Protagonists should be increased:

Fans are feeling really bored with the simple dress-up pattern of their character and are really desperately seeking outfits that can have more variety and even feel closer to their day-to day choices. t would be nice if characters could sport old jeans. Infusing some logic and modernity would be the use of combat boots and bullet-proof vests  by the main character. And Yes! how about if the lone survivor is a female. She could conduct the offence and plan with an altogether different strategy and may be could also meet some friendly strangers. The idea of both the protagonists surviving and planning a strategy to find their son and revive a culture through some friendly strangers can also be a fairly good idea.

Improved Weapons with more Imaginative technology:

Another things fans want is to own an armor. They may find it during a raid as a power armor and also be able to upgrade it with some more energy weapons or a shielding armor. Using a rifle in multiple modes and also being able to use it as a  protective shield would be indeed be best possible option, making the player feel like areal terminator and experience an adrenaline rush.

Keeping factions Or Building Your Army:

The player should be able to find more companions who can stay with him rather than dispersing after serving a short-term purpose. How about meeting friendly factions that could align for varied reasons like fighting a common enemy and building up a new community.It would be refreshing to find some loving alignments in the blood-mongered game.

More Exploration And Rare Animals For Vehicles:

If the wasteland could give more scenic views during wandering in more of areas that could be in a different setting that could possibly bring out some hidden wonderlands housing rare animals that could be hunted for to serve as loving pets and special vehicles with powers would add a streak of difference to the game.

And yes, returning the skills systems and using ones own customized voice for the protagonist be a great idea. A choice of voices or even the surviving wanderer would be great. Some of the Old Dialogue and getting a mature look or at least variety of appearances in players along-with multiplayer options would be a welcome addition. Yes! There may also be other options that Bethesda may also be thinking of incorporating. A fairly good content dissemination policy would also prevent fans from getting shattered with the idea of using the game in its very introduction. Though, the release of Fallout 5 is very-very far away from now but no one can stop the fans from dreaming and after all the game is for them!

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So readers kindly share your wishlist for Fallout 5 in comments below. Let this list be endless growing with more features.

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