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Fallout Video Game series is an incredible invention in itself. The first release in the series took place long back in 1997. Interplay entertainment, the creator of this amazing Video Game received huge recognition for this initiative. The game is based in Post-apocalyptic era of the early 23rd Century. Till now, the developers have released 5 games in the Fallout series and the upcoming release must be on its way. Like always, fans are greatly excited about it and forums are all taken with their discussions. So, let us see how exciting is the wish list going:

Fallout 5 features wishlist

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Fallout 5 Super Cool Feature Wishlist:

Players in Ghoul format – The game could give the players an option to be a ghoul and to make that happen, it has to bring back the intro section from fallout 4, which gave the player’s choice to select from two vaults that is to play as a ghoul or a human only. This way some people will die while others, such as the player character, will turn into ghouls.

Better Cover Mechanics – It would be so great to see a cover mechanic added to the game. This could be made similar to COD added to the game. Also, it would be interesting to let players play outside of VATS more often. This would become even fun when you have to crouch behind objects that are taller than, it would be great to have this feature added to sandbox game.

Dynamic and Vibrant animations – The animations of the Fallout 4 were not so great, it was more stern and static. The primary thing that gamers look for a game is dynamic and stunning animations. So, for that the developers might need to struggle a bit hard towards this direction. The locations, the textures, the background, the setting should not be mundane but dynamic.

Better facial animations- Though, it is a really huge challenge to add better facial animations in cut scenes on a sandbox style game but if this feature is paid attention towards then it will become even more impressive. Another feature that would be nice is the option to access companion’s inventories in pip boy since this might let us access any companion inventory through a dedicated tab. And for that to an equivalent of console commands in pip boy for Ps4 and Xbox one would be fun.

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Improved Pip boy- The pip boy could come with yet another feature to let them add things to settlements, though it be a little difficult because of the supply lines, but for that too, a less time consuming way to work on settlements would be neat.

Another small demands that Gamers did ask for are:

  • The Game could be set in the Boneyard of Los Angeles with a crazy Hollywood and 1950s Noir vibe.
  • The old dialogue system should be brought back.
  • Let Father Fallout make a Fallout game again with Obsidian having Tim Cain as lead.
  • Better story and companions.
  • To have Obsidian do another West Coast themed FO after FO4.
  • Come on rebuilding the Commonwealth it had really good RPG potential written all over it.
  • The next must needed rewards for players are the shipments of crafting material, after completing a mission.

Excellent DLCs that told their own story, more weapon types, weapon mods, ammo types, reloading, survival crafting with healing over time, crafting interfaces, more explosives and explosives crafting, hardcore mode, a gun industry that manufactured weapons from old world schematics, Caravan, and more varied armor types to include Riot Gear and breathing masks.

The gamers might like to see Chris taking over the FO franchise at Beth and Beth expanding so they can work on FO and ES at the same time only at different stages of production, so we get a FO every four years instead of eight.
The game should make provision for another shot, this would help them to manage time between Bethesda releases. This way gamers get to see what’s cooking’ on the west coast, and possibly get confirmation on some canon events from F4 and NV.

Learn from Obsidian- Obsidian’s writing was fine for quests and lore, but the world-building was lacking in New Vegas. The world was too static, there were no random encounters or emergent gameplay. They didn’t capture the feeling of a Bethesda open world game, and this made the game play quite mundane and dull, so for that what is needed is to make improvements in this part.

Need of professional writers – This is a must needed feature, and hear the much required attention towards dialogues. A good writing is entirely the work of a professional writer, so prominent names of the industry like Chris, Ekhem and Avellone should be considered.

Learn from mistakes of previous games- This is the best measure that could be adapted to improve the game play. All the developers need is to ask for gamer’s feedback and then make the required changes. Like there was a serious lack of “choice and consequences” in fallout 4 there is very little RPG elements in a game that was supposed to be an rpg and the game

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