Will There Be A Fallout 5 Game In The Series

After the worldwide success of Fallout 4, all gamers are desperately waiting for Fallout 5 release. There are all sorts of media rumours hinting towards the next fallout sequel after the last fallout sequel took the world by storm. The gamers can’t stop holding their breath as Ryan Alosio has already hinted on Instagram that the sequel’s pre-production has already started and work towards the new fallout is already underway.

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The game that revolves around the post -apocalyptic RPG, Fallout 4 was an instant hit upon its release and earned a lot of positive reviews apart from international award nominations and victory at the Game of the year. One can fairly assume that Bethesda is not going to stop and the fallout 5 will be out soon.

There is a lot of internal talks going over about their sequel release and social media is abuzz with anticipation over its release after Ryan Alosio dropped a hint about its pre-production and quickly removed his comment. However, the hint was enough to ignite a hope in the hearts of gamers who have been reposting his initial comment across social media.

Making gamers speculate about their next move is something the Fallout team has been doing for a long time. Before Fallout 4 was released, Erik Todd Dellums, who was the voice behind Three Dog, a character in fallout 3, leaked the news about Fallout 4’s existence, when he was in talks with twitter about the possible return of his character. It was revealed later that he had the permission to talk about the fallout 4’s release. However, the speculation this time cannot be considered full proof since no one is actively accepting if this news is true or not. There has been no official announcement regarding its release.

Since Bethesda took over the rights to Fallout, there has been no talks from their side about another sequel as majority of the company focus has been on ‘The Elder Scrolls’. With their focus completely on the other production, there are speculations that the next fallout sequel may be made by another company to whom the job will be outsourced too.

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Bethesda has been known to outsource their work to other companies. Fallout: New Vegas was made by a developer Obsidian and not by Bethesda itself. The same could the case with Fallout 5. It could be made by an outside studio as well. In the meantime, Bethesda is focussing on Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and its release. We all have to wait till we hear from Bethesda itself whether there will be another sequel or not and not go by speculations which are leading us maybe towards a false sense of hope. An official announcement about ‘will there be a fallout 5’ is awaited by gamers across the world. WE can only hope for the best, till there is an official announcement

After so many speculations, the main question still remains, ‘Will there be a fallout 5?’, Well that only time will let us know and in the meantime we can only hope for it to be released.

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